• Are drivers mutually exclusive?

    Hi, great software. I'm looking at building a new house and would love to use this as the lighting automation and have openhab be able to write to...

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    Started by eurotrashben

  • How to change Input Pins to output pins?

    Hello guys, i need to change the Input pins to output pin, in my project i need to change because i want more four outputs for the application. Help...

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    Started by tarangdodia

  • OpenPLC for Hydroponics

    I am looking to build a prototype of a Hydroponic system that has two basic functions: sensing control. The system needs to surface and log sensor...

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    Started by JohnMartinez

  • Fetching Data/Status from PowerWorld Simulation Using OpenPLC

    Hi All, I am new in this area. I am trying to develop a setup where OpenPLC is to be used to collect data from WECC 9Bus system generated using...

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    Started by saznus

  • ‘Industrial STOP/START’ doesn't work correctly

    I am using PLCOpenEditor and tring to build an OpenPLC project for test purpose. Because I am new to PLC, I am trying to imitate 'Industrial...

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    Started by plclearner

  • OpenPLC Slave setup question

    I see that OpenPLC operates as a modbus slave by default. Does it need a program/st file to function as a slave, or will it behave properly with no...

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    Started by jbuening

  • Writing to registers

    Is it possible to write to OpenPLC registers from another system. I setup a simple program and was able to also setup ScadaBR to read from it, but...

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    Started by jbuening

  • Some Questions about Editor

    Hello, this is my first time to use openPLC editor. The UI interface looks great! And my question is: Can I use the editor without internet? Is it...

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    Started by Jin

  • Why can't I Use the Location to assign I/O

    Hi there, I am trying to use PLCopen editor to do editing Structured Text Program, but I can't use the location row to edit the I/O (my laptop not...

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    Started by fifh

  • Learning OpenPLC from scratch

    Hi, The OpenPLC concept is very new to me. However, I am very much interested about it. Can anyone please suggest me, how can I learn everything...

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    Started by ahmsayem

  • Beginnner

    Hello I want to know what can i do after i generate project with openplc editor and upload st file to ooenplc web interface and give me compiled...

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    Started by mohamed

  • newbie how-to/book/excercises

    hi, while I've been a machine vision engineer for almost a decade, I'm really new to PLC pogramming. iso 61131-3 aside, is there any good material...

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    Started by matten

  • Writing to 32 bit address without PLC mapping the address

    Hello, I have a modbus client writing 32 bit data that the PLC has no need of, but the upstream scada system is interested in. When however I write...

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    Started by zoocat

  • Monitor a running program

    I have my program uploaded and running. It works as it should. Is there a way to monitor the running program like a normal plc? I'm just wondering...

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    Started by jbag

  • install issues

    I am having issues getting the openplc to install on my pc. I'm not to pc savvy. I've tried it on 2 different pc and still no luck! Can anyone...

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    Started by bsc348

  • POU (program organization unit)

    How could I use the POU that I have created for a function into the main program which is a ladder diagram? Thank you.

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    Started by tinp1


    Hi, i'm new and i have a silly question...i downloaded the hello world program and i was going to upload it to my arduino uno but i can't find the...

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    Started by AlexWill

  • Can Allen Bradley Micro850 support all MC_ function blocks?

    Its a simple question really. Can Allen Bradley Micro850 support all MC_ function blocks? What could I do to interpolate 2 axises on a device that...

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    Started by heypauly2002

  • Arduino or Raspberry Pi? Hardware advice request!

    Hi, I'm a new user, I've had a look through the topics and it's all a bit over my head at the moment! I'm just starting a project but it's my first...

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    Started by helent

  • Packaging OpenPLC on Slackware.

    Hello, I want to create a pre-compiled package of the OpenPLC Project related files for Slackware so that it is easy to install it using its package...

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    Started by rsamurti

  • Analog input and output samples

    Hi there again! My father and I are building a trainer based on the OpenPLC project and now I'm trying to make some PLC programs for the trainer. I...

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    Started by shanrei

  • OpenPLC on the Intel Galileo

    Hello, I am trying to setup a communications and control lab with Intel Galileo Gen 1, I already did one with switches and LEDs via sockets and...

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    Started by FerLicht

  • Program debugging

    How can I debug my program after uploading to i.e rpi or to softplc ?

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    Started by viper_lasser

  • OpenPLC Server

    OpenPLC Server Error compiling program. Please check console log. compiling new program... POUS.c POUS.h LOCATED_VARIABLES.h VARIABLES.csv ...

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    Started by rickmann64

  • OPENPLC on other platforms

    Hi, first of all let me say the this OPENPLC project is one of the best open source project that I could find on web. right now i'm working with a...

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    Started by behi88

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