Hello everyone.  I'm very new to the world of RPi and OpenPLC.  I have it installed and running on my RPi3 and I'm trying to use it with AdvancedHMI and a touchscreen.  I saw a reference somewhere that explained the addresses for Inputs and Outputs (Getting Started) and also the memory registers.  I cannot find the reference to the memory registers again.  Is there ANY documentation with the basics of the OpenPLC?  I understand there is not a manual yet.

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If you want to make OpenPLC communicate with your HMI, first you need to make sure your HMI can talk Modbus/TCP. OpenPLC is always listening to Modbus request on port 502. You can read and write variables according to this table: http://www.openplcproject.com/scada

The table means that, for example, if you have a LED on port %QX0.0 it will be accessible as Modbus Coil address 0
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