Since a few days I try to compile and generate my program. But I can't because OpenPLC Editor crash down. So I've posted a message on BEREMIZ-DEV FORUM. I've download and install the editor once again, verify the prerequisites, copy/paste my program in new one. The simulation was Ok since yesterday. I save and close and today the bug come back. Here is the log of the console :
Linkage :
[CC] plc_main.o plc_debugger.o py_ext.o Config0.o Res0.o -> ArrosageAuto_Rescue.so
Compilé avec succès.
abort: there is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/florian/Téléchargements/OpenPLC_Editor/editor/Beremiz_service.py", line 496, in <module>
import runtime.WampClient as WC # pylint: disable=ungrouped-imports
File "/home/florian/Téléchargements/OpenPLC_Editor/editor/runtime/WampClient.py", line 35, in <module>
from autobahn.wamp.serializer import MsgPackSerializer
ImportError: cannot import name MsgPackSerializer
Beremiz_service: 1.0
L'importation de WAMP a échoué:
Port d'interface HTTP: 8009
Pyro port : 61799
Répertoire de travail actuel :/tmp/tmpIHqP9x
Connexion de PYRO à l'URI😋YROLOC://
PLC did not provide identity and security infomation.
Latest build does not match with connected target.

My OS : Ubuntu 18.04
Could you help, please ?
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My trouble seems to be solve.
I have analyzed the log file and i saw this line :
filepath: '/home/florian/CloudStation/Projets/Programmes/ArrosageAuto_Rescue/project_files/Capture d\u2019\xe9cran de 2020-04-29 22-51-01.png'
I don't know why the project_files act on the simulation mode but when I delete the file, the simulation start correctly.
Now I can continue.


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