I'm trying to make OpenPLC and ScadaBR talk via DNP3, and it seems I managed to do it because I could see the input and output datapoints in ScadaBR's watch list, as well as seeing the DNP message info in the console (with some errors) such as following:

Group: 3 Variation: 2 dataLength: -1
java.lang.Exception: Invalid Application frame received!
at br.org.scadabr.dnp34j.master.layers.application.AppRcv.updateDatamap(AppRcv.java:268)
at br.org.scadabr.dnp34j.master.layers.application.AppRcv.handleResponseMsg(AppRcv.java:215)
at br.org.scadabr.dnp34j.master.layers.application.AppRcv.handle(AppRcv.java:157)
at br.org.scadabr.dnp34j.master.layers.application.AppRcv.run(AppRcv.java:117)
[DNP3Master] Poll 1 / 30
[LinkLayer] send primary msg
[0]:0x5 [1]:0x64 [2]:0x11 [3]:0xe4 [4]:0xa [5]:0x0 [6]:0x1 [7]:0x0 [8]:0x5b [9]:0xd
[10]:0xc0 [11]:0xc9 [12]:0x1 [13]:0x3c [14]:0x2 [15]:0x6 [16]:0x3c [17]:0x3 [18]:0x6 [19]:0x3c [20]:0x4 [21]:0x6 [22]:0x60 [23]:0x92

[LinkLayer] received
[0]:0x5 [1]:0x64 [2]:0xa [3]:0x44 [4]:0x1 [5]:0x0 [6]:0xa [7]:0x0 [8]:0x6e [9]:0x25
[10]:0xdc [11]:0xc9 [12]:0x81 [13]:0x80 [14]:0x0 [15]:0xb7 [16]:0xb7

However, I was not able to actually change the values of the datapoints in either direction. It seems the messages are successful but didn't carry the correct values in them. Do you know why?

I'm using ScadaBR 0.9.1

Qing Guo
S&C Electric Company
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