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Thanks again to the OpenPLC community!
It is really nice these projects.

I am running on Python 2.7.11+
I have some errors on the PLCEditor.

Indeed, when I execute it, the console displays the fact that the class PySimpleApp is depreciated.
In addition, whatever I try I have those kind of errors:

Screenshot from 2016-06-14 13-22-26.png 
Any idea?

Thanks in advance

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That's weird. I'm running on python 2.7.9 on ubuntu 15.04 and I don't have those errors. Did you apt-get all the packets mentioned on the website (python-wxgtk2.8, pyro, python-numpy, python-nevow, python-matplotlib and python-lxml)? It might be a missing library.

Another thing you can try is to clone the latest code:
sudo apt-get install mercurial
hg clone

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I think this issue should be fixed in the latest PLCOpenEditor, that you can get here
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