I loaded first demo project into Runtime. I tried to setup PB1 or PB2 value to true but it was kept same "false" value even I chose "force point value" and saved change. Have I missed anything?
It was very interesting that I could change PB1/PB2/LAMP value via modbus! However, PLC logic was not executed. For example, I modified address %IX0.0 via modbus to "true" but "LAMP" wouldn't become true.
Appreciate for help!

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The "forcing" feature on the Monitoring page is not operational yet. I'm probably going to remove that on the next version to avoid confusion.

About using modbus to write to locations, according to modbus standard, you cannot write to inputs. You can only write to outputs and memory, and even then, if the output/memory is being written by the ladder logic as well, the ladder logic circuit with take prevalence. If you want to test your program with modbus, move your PB1 and PB2 contacts to an output location that modbus can write to, for example, %QX0.1 and %QX0.2. Then by writing to modbus coils 1 and 2 you will be able to operate PB1 and PB2.
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