I try get running OpenPLC on Beaglebone black
I installed all packages as need for the rpi and compiled with blank custom layer succesfully.
Webserver is available on browser, everything seems to be fine.

How to edit the Hardware layer for beaglebone? In browser or in file blank.cpp and compile it again?
I tried both ways but end up with Errors. What i have done is, editing the pinmask of raspberrypi.cpp with the pinmap of Beagle. To Keep it first simple with only one in/out/pwm. In my case with Pins 27/65/22beaglebone_black_pinmap.png Hope anybody could help me get started.

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The Raspberry Pi driver is specific for the Raspberry Pi hardware, and therefore won't work with the Beaglebone as they have different CPUs. You will have to build a specific driver for the Beaglebone CPU. A good way to start is by looking for tutorials and examples on how to control Beaglebone GPIO pins using C. A quick google search brought me these:

After you manage to successfully drive the GPIO pins, you can then incorporate this code into an OpenPLC driver, following the structure of the Raspberry Pi driver as an example.
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Hello everybody,

I am trying to get running OpenPLC on a Beaglebone black too. Did the Hardware Layer finally work? In that case, could you share it, please?

Thanks in advance !
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1) Codesys has a runtime for BBB that is pretty awesome. Their programming software is free and has built in Simulator. its really nice. The codesys store has the BBB runtime listed as $90 for license, you can DL the demo and run for 2 hours, with unlimited restarts. 

However, I have been testing a simple program and its run almost 20 days, I keep getting warnings when I login with software and I am monitoring online with the Eng Software. but it hasn't shut off yet... so there is that.

OR... make a docker. run the ARM version in a docker you install on the beagle ARMhf 
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