Arduino just has another member. "Industrial 101"
It looks that can run linux well + ATmega32U4 Microcontroller + Ethernet + wifi.
If we could run plcopen on that as well I thing it will be fantastic.
This is the place I found. 

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That's interesting. The idea of having a SoC running linux with a microcontroller all in one board is perfect for the OpenPLC. I don't see why it wouldn't run.

Although the name "industrial" might generate some confusion. Apparently this is just an OEM board that you can insert in your own design. It didn't seem to me that the board offered any kind of electrical protections we would expect from an industrial-grade product. 
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ok lets forget the "industrial" grade and see if we can do things with it. considering the price of cource.
I MEAN IF A RASPBERRY + ARDUINO cheaper there is no way somebody will adopt it
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