I like to run Open PLC on openwrt linux hardware.

My hardware as follows

CPU: AR9331 400Mhz
MIPS-based Atheros AR9331 SoC

Flash: 16 MB

How to work?

1) The PLC c code (matiec compiler output code ) will be complied on host PC though as MIPS cross compilles as the openwrt board has very less flash & RAM.

2) The complied bin file will be uploaded to openwrt board and the board will run the bin file after it is uploaded.

can any body help me in this regards.


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If you have a GCC cross compiler working on your desktop environment, it shouldn't be too hard. You will just need to modify the server.js file to call the MIPS cross compiler instead of regular GCC on the last step of the compilation process. The hardest part is that you will need to write a program to somehow receive the binary application on your target board, and send it using the server.js script.
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