Hi, thiagoralves

I have written a program using TON as you can see below. I created variable: timer_value to store TON0.PT so i could read/write it from Modbus Master. 
Please help me how to specify unit in timer_value (us, ms, s) ?
Thank you

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If you're using the conversion block from UINT to TIME variable, it is converting to seconds. So, if you send the integer 2 over modbus, it will convert to 2 seconds. If you want milliseconds, you'll need to convert time from a REAL variable. Then, you'll send something like 1.5 and it will be converted to 1 second and 500 milliseconds. Just make sure if you use a REAL variable to put it into a Modbus memory area that supports REAL (32-bit variable). Take a look at http://www.openplcproject.com/scada to see all the available locations
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