I recently installed Open PLC Runtime using the script

./ rpi

I just read that there are new features added to the repository, and I would like to upgrade to that newer "version". Should I uninstall the current version? How? Can I simply use git to clone the most recent version and then "./ rpi" again? If so, do I need to first stop the Open PLC service/daemon, and how do I do that?

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Hi velle,

I'm still working on an upgrade guide and have been seeking real applications to test with.

It is possible that you share your application?
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Currently the only way to update is to remove everything and install again. I’m planning to have a self-update feature in the future, but while this is not ready, these are the steps:
#stop OpenPLC service
sudo systemctl stop openplc
#remove OpenPLC folder
sudo rm -Rf OpenPLC_v3
#clone from repository
git clone
#install again - use rpi command only on a Raspberry Pi 
cd OpenPLC_v3
./ rpi 
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