I have question about setup the IO status detection on pins and speed for detection.

In the 'OpenPLC Editor' I'm set higher value of interval to 'Resource -> Tasks' for IO status detection, because I want using some hallsensor where I can count the cycles (speed) of some a motor and I need the high speed counter.
After the setup, compilating the program and upload on my device (Raspberry PI 3b+) I runed the program and worked well. But, after the restart Raspberry or after new upload the program on Raspberry it showed like the setup value for IO status detection was probably changed to the different default value.

Could you help me where it could be a mistake?

Thank youopenplc_setup-IO-speed-detection.jpg 
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This is not related to IO detection. The Interval on this picture is related to how often your program task will run. The program task includes reading inputs at the beginning, executing the program instructions, and writing to outputs at the end. If you set a lower interval, the side-effect is that your IOs will be read and written more frequently. OpenPLC doesn't have any type of high speed counter. It is not possible to implement GPIO hard interrupts in Linux. Therefore, anything that requires precise counting won't work on OpenPLC. What I usually suggest people to do is to implement the high speed count on an Arduino and then add the Arduino as a slave device on OpenPLC. Then you can get the count from the Arduino board and process all the other things inside OpenPLC.
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