Hy everyone, 

I'm trying, with an example, to use the graphic view.

I followed the guide to this link for the first ladder project:

I would like the LED variable to turn on when PB1 is set to true and in the graphic view there will be a light bulb that turns on (or a motor that rotates). P.S I'm just using open plc on windows and scadaBR without any hardware like arduino etc.

after the forum guide I have this situation:
can you tell me how to set the point settings? 

unnamed (1).png 
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First of all, you should set your Update Period to 500 milliseconds or something like that, otherwise your graphical interface will take forever (5 minutes) to update every time. For the points, you pretty much need to map them according to this table:

If you want to switch PB1 from ScadaBR, you need to change its location to %QX something (like %QX3 or any other unused %QX location). This is because input located variables can't be written from Modbus (as you can see from the table on the website, inptus %IX are read-only). Therefore, you cannot change the status of PB1 if it is located in an input area. Once it is on %QX, just add a point on ScadaBR linking to that location (i.e. %QX3 = coil 3) and you will be able to manipulate that from the graphical view by adding the element "button (write)". To view the status of the output lamp, add another point linked to the lamp location, and then add a binary graphic element on your graphical view associated with the lamp point.
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