Hi, does anyone know a smart way to find out the errors detected by the simulation mode? Take a look at this error report for example :

“D:\Eigene Dateien Carsten\OpenPLC\Projekte\Solarregler Merbishof\Solarregelung Merbishof V1.1 02.10.2019\build\ error: invalid variable(s) declaration.In section: PROGRAM Sicherheitsmodul

1091:     AND7_OUT : BOOL;”

If the program is small, it is easy to locate the error, but if it contains several hundred lines of code it is becoming complicated.

Are there tips to ease my life?

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Ah, unfortunately the error handling in MatIEC is pretty simplistic. It can't figure out very well where the error is. I've faced it a lot on my programs as well. What I usually do is just cut a large portion of my code out and then just paste it back in chunks to figure out which chunk brings the error.
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