Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is a little bit off-topic, but this message is actually with good intent. As many of you know, I'm currently a Ph.D. student in US, with a foreigner F1 Visa. This visa, being temporary, limits my activity here in the US. I'm starting to receive emails from companies that want to partner up with OpenPLC, but right now I can't do anything because of my visa status. Therefore, for the project to grow I need to change my visa status here in the US.

The natural next step is to apply for a green card, which is a new type of visa that will give me pretty much US citizen rights (I'm not a lawyer, so this is the best explanation I could come up with) 😏. Therefore, I'm applying for a green card under the National Interest Waiver program. This particular program for the green card is for people that have created something that is of national interest, and therefore should stay in US.

I'm using OpenPLC as the main thing for my green card application. But to give more credibility to the idea, I need letters from people that have used OpenPLC on their projects. Therefore, if you are using OpenPLC on your organization (private or government organization, but government preferred) and specially, if you use OpenPLC with any research project, PLEASE PLEASE contact me! You don't have to be a US person, or even live in US. All I need is to write a letter about you and your use case with the OpenPLC, with details on how great the project is for your particular research topic. If you are in the cyber security research field, even better!

So, if you want to help me, and help OpenPLC, just drop a note here or PM me, and we will start talking.

Thank you very much!
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I wish openplc project will help you in your green card issue. You did a grate job here and still do.
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I'm José Miguel Andonegi and I work in a vocational training school in Irun (Spain).

I find very interesting OpenPLC project and it is very useful to learn KOP language and PLC programming logic. The alternative for schools is spending a lot of money in licences of proprietary software or work with illegal software.

Good luck with your green card.
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I'm a little late here.  what is your status now?
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Hi tflemer. Thanks for reaching out. I've already sent a lot of profiles to my lawyer. She is preparing the support letters for me based on the profiles of the people that were willing to support me. If I need more profiles I will let you know. Would you mind just sending me on private some stuff? I need your bio and some information on how you're using OpenPLC (work, school, hobby). Thanks!
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