Hi guys, 
Thanks for awesome work. 

I want to monitor the execution time of a logic in OpenPLC and therefor I need to find the starting function which gets executed. Basically I want to know in a program scan loop, which function first start and which function ends the program scan in the loop (which means the next loop start). 
If I know them I can set the PMU registers in raspberry pi to count the CPU cycle. 
Is that weird? I know but I need to calculate the performance penalty per program scan loop. 
Program Scan is the point where the Runtime will read the inputs from the I/O interprets the logic and then update the I/O. 
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Take a look at the file core/main.cpp. The file is pretty much self-explanatory. Let me know if you need more help
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Super, Thank you. I'll get back to you if there is any problem [smile]
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