OpenPLC Server

Error compiling program. Please check console log.

compiling new program...

Program compiled successfully
moving files...
error moving files

When i compile the program from OpenPLC WEB page, it generate this error (can't move files)

Any idea why?

Kind regards

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You are missing the resource and configuration on your PLC program. See the screenshot from the Hello World example below:


Perhaps the best way to start writing your own programs is to download the Hello World example from the website and modify it. The resource and configuration on your program must be exactly as the example above (including it names) for the OpenPLC to compile the program properly.
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Ok, i tried to modify the hello World excample and now it tels me it is compiled and moved, but what do i have to do Next, the program is still not uploadet to my Arduino, it is connected to my PC through the USB.
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The program keeps running on the Arduino as long as it is connected to the PC. If you disconnect the Arduino the program stops running. For now, the Arduino needs the host PC to run. In the future it might be possible to generate stand alone code for the Arduino
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