It's nice to learn your project! As a newcomer,I have many questions...
1. I have a ADSP-BF60X platform,runs uClinux ;
2.The OS is ubuntu on PC;
3.Due to different hardware, if it is possible that the C code generated by the iec2c can runs on my platform? Maybe it needs some "engine" that can executes very well on my platform,is it really?
Thank you !
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uClinux is a very small implementation of Linux. I doubt it will be able to run a full set of GCC tools to compile the code generated by iec2c. The best approach would be for you to cross compile everything on your Ubuntu box and then send the executable to your ADSP board.

However, nowadays powerful SBCs are so cheap that I don't even know why people bother buying small hardware anymore. Take the nanoPi Neo for example, it is a quad-code ARMv7 computer that can run the full OpenPLC smoothly and costs $8 
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