I have just installed OpenPlc on my RaspberryPi 4 with Unipi 1.1 Lite. The installation went without errors  but I cannot access I/O s.

1. Activation of kernel modules of 12c fails:

sudo gpio load i2c
gpio: Unable to load/unload modules as this Pi has the device tree enabled.
You need to run the raspi-config program (as root) and select the
modules (SPI or I2C) that you wish to load/unload there and reboot.

2. To access OpenPLC I had to close EVOK-service of Unipi 1.1 Lite because both listen at port 8080.
    How can they work together ?

3. Hallo World project of OpenPlc run, but without effekt of I/Os.

Best regards,
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OpenPLC supports only the traditional UniPi 1.1 board and the Neuron line of PLCs. UniPi Lite is not officially supported, although if the hardware is similar, it might be possible to use the UniPi driver with just a few changes. You don't need EVOK to use OpenPLC, its driver is independent for the UniPi boards. In fact, if you have EVOK installed, it will probably conflict with OpenPLC driver. That's probably what is happening with you. Follow the instructions on the OpenPLC website to setup your board, including starting fresh with a clean install of Raspbian.
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