For more information:

A lot of stuff you might find very helpful if you want to control anything around your house. 
Attached 2 PDF's (one German, one English) with a detailed description of all the FB's.
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Hi Ic625. Congratulations on making OSCAT happening in OPENPLC.
I used OSCAT a long time ago as a CODESYS user (still  use at least some functions).
In fact on this forum I posted back in 2016.
The fact that @Theo invests in Beremiz (plcopen editor) together with the introduction of OSCAT by you, we are going to see a new era in OPENPLC project. That really will boost the OPENPLC project.
I am (and some other contributors a hope) doing all we can to stabilase the hardware specifications to build an expandable, stackable, low cost platform as a starting point for OPENPLC official hardware.
Take care stay healthy
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