You might know the OSCAT library ( If not: This library contains a vast number of different functions (FC) and function blocks (FB) (didn´t count them, but probably up to 1000)! It free for private and commercial use. In the download section you will find “ready to use” libs for Codesys, S7,  PCWorx and a *.xml file as well. The three major topics (basic, building and network) are divided int several sub-sections. Every single FC or FB is described in delated documents, provided in English as well. 

Unfortunately, no lib for OpenPLC.

Because I found out this lib to be very helpful in many cases I started recently converting it, in order to use it with OpenPLC. 

Attached you´ll find the whole maths-section of the OSCAT basic library. 

It contains 65 mathematical functions which might be very useful. I know it´s only 10% of the whole lib, but without starting you will not get anywhere.

To use the FC / FB´s in your project just copy-paste (C/P) the desired item into your project. You might receive an error while simulation in some cases. Don´t worry, it´s typical for OSCAT, that some FC / FB refer to another one. Just take a look to the ST code, you will find a comment, which FC / FB is required (hope I didn´t forget any Ã°Å¸ËœÅ ). C/P the missing one as well and you will be fine.

Be aware, that due to the missing import possibility everything must be done manually (C/P ST-code, modify code in some cases, declaring variables, checking and running simulation...). This might be prone to errors. I tested every FC / FB, but you never know…So don´t beat me up if you find a bug, just fix it and post.

I added a brief description to every FC / FB. If you need more detailed information, download the regarding document (in this case Oscat basic Ver. 3.33; German PDF, English epup) form the download section (

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good job lc625
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