Hello community, Im trying to add to my program memory address variable but the editor raises an error

The program is pretty simple, I just want to have a variable that controls the mode for the for the program via Scada.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 16.12.42.png 
The error is this:

/home/arraiz/Desktop/openPLC/programs/Hello World/build/ error: ';' missing at end of variable(s) declaration.
In section: PROGRAM Hello_World
0099:     Auto : BOOL     Heater : BOOL;
1 error(s) found. Bailing out!

The error shows at the "auto" variable but cant find the way to correct it.
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Update your editor (there is a shortcut on the start menu to update it). There was a bug in located variables with initial value that led to compilation errors. The new version fixes it
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