I am using OpenPLC with Simulink and the SimLink interface provided on Github.  I have been using everything successfully, but when I scale up the number of stations (and the number of digital_outs) I get the following error when I go above 8:

***Invalid addressing on located variable__QX0_8***

I checked out the code that gives this error, but after it displays the message, everything in my structured text works as intended and there appear to be no immediate consequences.  My question is, this was obviously put there for a reason but what is it?  What is the appropriate way to scale above 8 coils?  (is the answer running multiple instances of SimLink?)  Is this error intended to reflect a hardware limitation?

Thank you for your help.
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Check the plc addressing on the reference documentation at the OpenPLC website. The 8th coil is %QX1.0 not %QX0.8
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