Hi there,

I'm trying to replicate a working FactoryIO simulation that uses the built in ControlIO soft PLC, on a RasPi OpenPLC Modbus device.

All the control functions are working the same as they do in ControlIO, but I can't get the counter to increment.

In ControlIO, I can use their "Numerical Source" to supply a "PV" value on the "Count Up" block, I manually set this to 10,000:

I'm trying to do the same in OpenPLC Editor, but whenever I try to set the "initial value" I get an error. If I run with no initial value set, the counter doesn't increment:


How can I replicate the counter from ControiIO on OpenPLC please?


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Update your OpenPLC editor. This is a known old bug. If you installed it through the runtime installer, there is a link on the start menu to update it
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Fantastic, thank you. All working now!
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