I am attempting to run a program written in Siemens SCL on OpenPLC deployed to a Raspberry Pi.  I would like to theoretically run almost any program written in SCL on OpenPLC.  Consider a publicly available (and relatively simple) program like the functions included here, is it more trouble than it is worth to port?  If no, could someone point me in the direction of some resources?

Thanks for your help.
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SCL is particular to Siemens PLCs pre IEC 61131-3 standardization. OpenPLC can run any program written in any language that is compatible with the IEC standard (LD, ST, IL, FBD and SFC). Unfortunately SCL is not in the list. However, if your goal is to run the programs in that GitHub link, you don’t have to worry. The entire OSCAT library was ported to OpenPLC by lc625:  https://openplc.discussion.community/post/oscat-basic-333-oscat-building-openplc-10284818?pid=1310418069
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