Jean Júnio de Assis Pereira
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I would like to know if I should install ScadaBR on Raspberry or in another computer. It was not clear to me the right place to install it. Can you help me?
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ScadaBR can run on both (Raspberry and a PC), however, installing it on a Raspberry is a very complicated process and I don't recommend. The installation image from the website is to be used on a computer. Just follow the instructions ( ) to download and install VirtualBox and the ScadaBR image on your PC. Once everything is installed, you can use ScadaBR to communicate with OpenPLC running on any device (Raspberry Pi, PC, UniPi, etc..) as long as your device is available on the network
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What procedure did you follow to install Scadabr in your VM.

I tried to install it on UBUNTU 18.04 LTS server, but it does'nt work

I tried this link :
(Tomcat works, but he does't find Scadabr)
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Robert Lewczuk
Finally got ScadaBR on the RPI4!! Kudos to this guy here! No longer need to have laptop running virtual machine to access.

The first time failed so I retried with a FRESH raspbian install. Brand new OS.

Then simply ran these four lines of code 

# sudo su
# wget
# chmod +x
# ./
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This is awesome! I’ll test it on my setup as well, and if it works I’ll include this script on the installer I provide on the OpenPLC website
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Robert Lewczuk


one very important Step I forgot to mention is you need to change the port on open plc to 8081 as you described in another thread ;-) thank you again

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Hey, tested it. Works on my raspi4. No fresh OS install needed, I just updated the raspbian buster with apt-get dist-upgrade as usual.
Thanks Robert!
One small mistake, "./" should be "./".

Before the installation of ScadaBR I changed the listen port of the OpenPLC runtime from 8080->8081 in ~/OpenPLC_v3/webserver/ (like Thiago mentioned somewhere):, host='', threaded=True, port=8081)

Excellent for testing to have OpenPLC and ScadaBR running on one Pi4 now!
Kind regards
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