I am reading into the openPLC project and I am building a 7 axis robot in need of a PLC on a budget. (working with what is given)

I currently am searching for the PLC solution to define other steps of the process. Is there any experience in working with the Ubuntu soft PLC environment on a Jetson (TX2) development board and could I use the GPIO / I²C / UART and CANBUS interfaces that are already integrated into the Nvidia jetson. I do expect to write code for the integration, though I am just wondering if such integration would be possible in the first place without diving into the depths of the open PLC linux code.

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OpenPLC probably will install and run fine on the Jetson, but you will have to write the hardware layer for it to be able to interface with the hardware IOs.

That being said, I don’t think a PLC is the right device to control the robot directly. Usually the PLC sits on the higher level of control interfacing the robot with other machinery. As far as I know, controlling a robot requires a specialized hardware that can read the high speed pulses from each servo and perform the inverse matrix calculations for the positioning system. PLCs run based on cycle scans, the design is simply not meant for this type of task.
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