What I'm trying to do is set up a program that turns one light on if a condition is true or another light of if it is not. However, when I upload my program to OpenPLC, nothing happens. I'm currently using the NodeMCU ESP8266. I'll attach pictures as well, but here is what I have done:
Loaded the 8266 with the it's firmware using Arduino.
Added the 8266 as a slave device in the OpenPLC slave menu.
Uploaded the program (screenshot attached).
Pressed the 'Start PLC' button.
Nothing happens.
I have also attached screenshots of my board and lights.
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If you want to turn something on or off you must use the coil element, not the contact as you did at the end of both ladder rungs. Also, I see that you have two LEDs connected to your esp chip, but lamp1 in your ladder logic is located at %IX100.3 which is an input pin. You must to use an output pin (something on %QX area) to control a LED
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