Hi all,

I'm having trouble logging into the web server on my OpenPLC raspberry pi install. 

Some details about the setup: OpenPLC on RaspberryPi 3 virtual machine, running in qemu. I'm trying to connect to the raspberry pi vm, and the webserver, over a bridge from another vm, running Windows 7. I'm able to ssh into the Raspberry pi from the Windows vm. I can also log into the openplc server from the raspberry pi vm itself using When I run netstat on the raspberry pi, it shows a connection from the windows machine's IP, but the state is "TIME_WAIT."

Granted this is kind of a convoluted setup, I would really appreciate any advice. I'm basically trying to create a small virtualized network with a Windows machine for Editing and HMI, connected to a PLC to run that logic. 

Thanks in advance,


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The issue seems particular to your setup. I would guess some sort of firewall blocking ports or the way qemu network is setup.
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