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Communication between two PLCs
Sure. I was trying to have a connection to exchange register's data between my Raspberry Pis using the EasyModbus/tcp protocol, with Java libraries. The problem appeared to be in the Java code because I didn't close the connection with the PLC server. So, with the command "modbusclient.Disconnect" at the end of the program problem solved. 
You can find the libraries in the following link with a project sample video at the end of the page.


Just note that in this video the command to terminate the connection is missing ("modbusclient.Disconnect").
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Communication between two PLCs
I think I solved the issue [smile] 
Thank you very much for your quick response. You are always willing to help I really appreciate it thanks again!
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Communication between two PLCs
Thank you very much for your quick response.

It seems that I cant. What am trying to do at first, is just a simple configuration to exchange data from the PLC registers (Raspberry Pi) using EasyModbus with Java. 

My Raspberry Pi I/O don't have any inputs or sensors connected to them but is that a problem?
Also, can you show me a simple example with PLCEditor to write some values in the registers? 

Thank you again.
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Communication between two PLCs
Hello again,

I made the connection between two Raspberry Pi 3 using the EasyModbus with Java libraries. Am getting the following message:

"Server: Listening on port 502

Server: waiting for new client...

Server: Client accepted! Creating thread for the new client ID: 4...

Server: waiting for new client...Server: Thread created for client ID: 4

Server: Something is wrong with the client ID: 4 message Size : -1"

Do you know what could case these problem?
I would really appreciate your help thank you!
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Communication between two PLCs
Ok yhea that makes more sense am working on my computer. But do you know how I can make the two Rpis communicate and send information to each other?  
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Communication between two PLCs

Am new at this and am wondering if you could help me. I have two raspberrypi 3b and trying to use them as PLCs to communicate with each other by exchanging information. I installed the OpenPLC following your instructions. The only problem I got is on the last step when installing PLCopenEditor. After I installed all the packages for python as the instructions said, on the last command "python PLCopenEditor.py" I got an error "not such file directory". I got in the directory of PLCopenEditor so I cant see where the problem is.

Any ideas? Maybe I could just skip the PLCopenEditor and use it on my PC and then just move the project to my rasberrypi for compile?

Thanks in advance.
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