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How to create connection schemas
Ok. Thanks again for your help. 😉
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How to create connection schemas
Hi Thiago:

Thanks for your help. I didn't know about Kicad.

About running ladder schema in Arduino, I have read that it is not possible to upload the program to Arduino and that it must be used connected to the computer. Am I wrong?

Congratulations for the project 😉
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How to create connection schemas

I work in a school so I work with PLCs with educational proposal. We are working with Siemens privative hardware/software and with some Arduino compatible shields .

I'm using PLCopen Editor to document ladder schemas and then I use plcLib library inf Arduino IDE to upload the schema. It is manual conversion but quite straightforward and, as far as now, it works fine. Any suggestion about this procedure?

I would also like to document the connection schema with an opensource application.  Any suggestion?

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OpenPLC and my green card

I'm José Miguel Andonegi and I work in a vocational training school in Irun (Spain).

I find very interesting OpenPLC project and it is very useful to learn KOP language and PLC programming logic. The alternative for schools is spending a lot of money in licences of proprietary software or work with illegal software.

Good luck with your green card.
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