• Ladder Logic and analog

    Hey! I'm using an Arduino Uno to compile an openplc project. The project is as follows: I have a variable resistor, a push button and a motor...

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    Started by reinaldogift

  • Bio- burner controll with PLC on RaspberryPi

    Hi Folks! Newbe here. My project is to controll a burner for waste Oat from farmers and heating the house in wintertime. What ever you might think,...

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    Started by Xner

  • error: no matching function for call to asiodnp3::DNP3Manager

    I basically created the first project in the tutorial, but with a couple of integer variables added. It created the files without a problem but I...

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    Started by BlakeL

  • My First Project

    First of all: I am totally new at the whole automation and communication area BUT with the help of @thiagoralves @joaocampos (from @ScadaBR) ...

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    Started by astang

  • Communication with two plc

    Hi, Can I configure two openPLC runtime on one PC and make an communication between them? For example, one plc get/put a byte to another? Is it...

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    Started by antonaleks

  • AdvancedHMI tags

    Hi, I've been playing around all day with the AdvancedHMI and I've been able to do a lot of stuff including sending date and time to the OpenPLC....

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    Started by supremesports

  • Example projects (ST and LD)

    Hi all I have just found this site and all the goodness that it is. I am having fun setting up everything and now I am at the point of starting to...

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    Started by znelbok

  • Ethernet/IP

    Hi I am new here, I would like to use the Ethernet/IP communication protocol for my PLC. How would I go about implementing this on the openPLC?

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    Started by Ts4

  • openPLC using CAN bus

    Thiago, Great work on openPLC! Just got back from DEF CON and noticed I missed your presentation! I'd like to set up an openPLC with a PiCAN shield...

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    Started by 24/7

  • debugging how can I check intern Variables?

    Hello my program has many intern Variables. Is there a possibility to check their value while the program is running?

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    Started by gecko

  • It's too complicated to start

    Hello, I'm very new here. I try to start this project with arduino, but can't continue to follow the link bellow: ...

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    Started by sony

  • OpenPLC and ScadaBR

    Hi all, I am trying to make an HMI with ScadaBR for my program run on OpenPLC. I've downloaded everything successfully, and my program works...

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    Started by jamieyuen

  • tutorial in german (with raspberry Pi3)

    Hello, I discribed all steps from the installation to the Hello World with some extensions an some variations up to the automatisation of my marble...

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    Started by gecko

  • marble run on RasPi - my Project -

    Hello I got ready my Project here is a picture and the xml-code. The Logic is written in FBD-logic and it is a Moore-state machine. thank...

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    Started by gecko

  • debugging Attempt - error moving files

    Hello, what does this error message mean? where and what do I have to look for? Program compiled successfully moving files... error moving files

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    Started by gecko

  • Experiences with mySCADA

    I was wondering if anyone else is using mySCADA software as the HMI/Historian for your OpenPLC projects? The software is available at ...

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    Started by Scott.Thompson

  • OpenPLC with MQTT communication instead Modbus TCP/IP

    Hello guys, Modbus TCP/IP is already available for SCADA communication on OpenPLC. Unfortunately, Modbus TCP/IP is not currently supported by IoT...

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    Started by epgodoy

  • Is this the right thing for me?

    I am totally new to all this, not done anything with automation, and very little with programming only really in Python, and yet have a project I...

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    Started by ChunkyKev

  • Newbie Question

    I am just beginning my foray in PLC programming. I have a .hex file from a controller. Is there a way to view it in the PLC Open Editor or any...

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    Started by METAS2016

  • Simulation railway station

    Hello. I hope that I chose the right category for my question. My friends have a small non-profit railroad museum. They asked me to help...

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    Started by Tabovl

  • Newbie question: Emulate a particular PLC (industrial one) using rPI

    Hello there, Am a newbie trying to emulate a particular PLC ( Allen Bradley ) in order to create a "honeypot" (which would actually secure...

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    Started by kihtrak

  • OpenPLC on the Intel Galileo

    Hello all, Phase one of the project has already been successful, y cloned the repository on a Gen 1 Galileo and compiled the project without errors...

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    Started by FerLicht

  • Modbus Device Configurator

    Hi, I'm writing a basic UI for creating the Modbus configuration file. The project's still in an non-useful alpha state, but I hope to bring real...

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    Started by ctag

  • WebAPP access OpenPLC with modbus TCP

    Hi I try connect OpenPLC with Modbus TCP and then show the value. My App writed by B4J(Free) https://www.b4x.com/b4j.html B4J - The simplest way...

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    Started by jinyistudio

  • PLC using PIC16f877A and LDMicro

    Hi I made a PLC using Pic16f877A and LDMicro.... See the Attached link for Photos...... http://openplc.discussion.community/album?action=view_album...

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    Started by Usman Ali Butt