• Printing Ladder Logic

    Hi, When I try to print the Ladder Logic out the labels on the coils do not print. Also is there a way to get it to print the variable list out with...

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    Started by hjbleier

  • Rotary encoder implementation

    Hello! I am quite new in ladder logic - trying to learn something about. However, now I got stuck on implementating of rotary encoder (something...

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    Started by m_ledo

  • SyntaxError: Invalid syntax

    Hi, Environment: Debian 9 Python : 2.7 Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "PLCOpenEditor.py", line 40, in module from...

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    Started by Muddasir

  • Editor webpage down

    Hi I wanted to download the editor from the openplcproject.com but the page seems to be down. Is there any other way to get the editor quickly?. ...

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    Started by Muddasir

  • PID

    Hello! I have trouble understanding the PID block, the reset time and the derivation time are in milliseconds or seconds ?? place the parameters of...

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    Started by Kenneth Marcano

  • Specifying location for an array

    Hello, Is it possible to do so? I mean declaring an array of say 15 BOOL that is located from %IX0.0 to %IX1.7? Regards

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    Started by Goldfinch2

  • Virtual Coils

    Hi, I am using the PiXtend V2 -S-. I found out that the Output coil mapping is a bit different from the picture you did on PiXtend runtime page for...

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    Started by hjbleier

  • TOF not Work Properly

    I will set T#9000ms in TOF but it Will True in just 4 Seconds. It will Not go greater than 4 Seconds.

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    Started by mrudangD

  • REAL data addressing for DNP3

    Hi, I'm trying to map REAL values to DNP3 and getting a bit stuck. I'm trying to match an existing outstation DNP3 interface, so my goal is to...

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    Started by garretfick

  • SOLVED - Runtime Compilation Errors

    Hi, I am trying to get this installed and working as a development environment for teaching my friend PLC programming but I am getting errors with...

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    Started by GordonH

  • How to add User-defined POUs

    question1: How to add the User-defined POUs, and which file I need to change? question2: If I add the new...

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    Started by afterdream

  • How to use Function block name as an input variable

    Hi, I want to use TON instance as an input variable in my FB, but I don't know how to use my TON variable, can you explain it to me? Sorry, I Upload...

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    Started by SuraWu

  • Problem while connecting one variable with another

    Hi, I am creating my first project in openPLC on raspberry pi. I am trying to run the first program given in reference. ...

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    Started by Neelam

  • OpenPLC Editor on Mac OS X?

    Have seen some posts about it, but overall very complex and failed to get it working. Is there any outlook for the OpenPLC editor coming to the Mac...

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    Started by martin010

  • Can't generate program

    I have a program I would like to try on my Raspberry pi, but when I try to generate the program into a ST file on my computer these two windows pops...

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    Started by Krulls

  • Openplc editor Arch Linux not start.

    Error start program. python PLCOpenEditor.py      159  14:31:40  Traceback (most recent call last): File...

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    Started by krive001

  • Official source repository

    Hi Thiago , I found a bug and a solution for it in PLCopenEditor. I would like to publish this fix, but I'm confused about all the Beremiz...

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    Started by schlumpf

  • PLCopen Editor Crash when modify Variable Name!

    Hello, When I quickly modified several variable names, sometimes PLCopen Editor will Crash, The HMI cannot be operated again. This problem will...

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    Started by jason.hsiao

  • ST and IL

    I want to use IL language,but when places the function and function block into the IL program, the code form is as the same of ST program ...

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    Started by afterdream

  • error when generating program for second time (linux, v1.2)

    When I generate the program code for the first time, everything works as expected. However, when I generate it a second time, it crashes 100% of the...

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    Started by mberntsen

  • OpenPLC vs Factory I/O

    Hi all, I'm a beginner. I'm trying to connect OpenPLC to Factory I / O (www.factoryio.com) with the ModBus protocol. I tried all the combinations of...

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    Started by GIULIO VERDINI

  • Debian 9 errors

    Wondering if anyone has run into these issues. I am new to this software and recently followed the docs on the openplc website. Installed all...

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    Started by jl0311

  • debug

    hi, The plcopen editor now don't have debug function Now I really want to add, do you have some advice I can refer to?

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    Started by afterdream

  • UniPi Ladder problem

    Hello, I am working with my UniPi board and I have a problem while running a simple program working with the analogical output. As you can...

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    Started by Yukkotete

  • MCL support

    When Generating cia402 code, it can't pass compiling, and reported following errors: /root/test/build/cia402node_0_0_0.c:87:5: error: unknown type...

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    Started by enorm