• Problem while connecting one variable with another

    Hi, I am creating my first project in openPLC on raspberry pi. I am trying to run the first program given in reference. ...

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    Started by Neelam

  • Debian 9 errors

    Wondering if anyone has run into these issues. I am new to this software and recently followed the docs on the openplc website. Installed all...

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    Started by jl0311

  • debug

    hi, The plcopen editor now don't have debug function Now I really want to add, do you have some advice I can refer to?

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    Started by afterdream

  • UniPi Ladder problem

    Hello, I am working with my UniPi board and I have a problem while running a simple program working with the analogical output. As you can...

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    Started by Yukkotete

  • MCL support

    When Generating cia402 code, it can't pass compiling, and reported following errors: /root/test/build/cia402node_0_0_0.c:87:5: error: unknown type...

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    Started by enorm


    Hello Im new to programming and i want to know if i can change the output of a slave device ( Arduino ) from 7,8,12,13 to 4,5,6,7

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    Started by jakub555

  • Can't generate program

    I have a program I would like to try on my Raspberry pi, but when I try to generate the program into a ST file on my computer these two windows pops...

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    Started by Krulls

  • Importing Data from Unity Pro?

    I noticed that when I opened a saved program to view the XML that it's structure was very similar to the XML structure used in Unity Pro, the...

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    Started by abishur

  • Official source repository

    Hi Thiago , I found a bug and a solution for it in PLCopenEditor. I would like to publish this fix, but I'm confused about all the Beremiz...

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    Started by schlumpf

  • Can't read data via Modbus

    I'm having some issues get my HMI (ScadaBR) to read holding registers on the openPLC on the raspberry pi. I'm new to OpenPLC, and I just want to...

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    Started by Emerald

  • esp8266 adc

    hi, with respect to the analog input of esp8266, the data type you select for input% IW100 is int, but I do not know what values ​​this throws...

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    Started by Kenneth Marcano

  • Modbus registers limits

    Hi, It looks like I'm unable to use higher registers. I was trying to put read-only variables for master devices (devices that simply reads values...

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    Started by supremesports

  • Modbus functioncode 06

    When I tested the "slave device", I found that it only supports multi-point write (Modbus functioncode 16) and does not support...

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    Started by lioil

  • PLCopen Editor Crash when modify Variable Name!

    Hello, When I quickly modified several variable names, sometimes PLCopen Editor will Crash, The HMI cannot be operated again. This problem will...

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    Started by jason.hsiao

  • ST

    First, creat a program using ST language. Second,put funtion(like GT GE GL,etc) into the program,and generate a xxx.st file Third, place the ...

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    Started by afterdream

  • ST and IL

    I want to use IL language,but when places the function and function block into the IL program, the code form is as the same of ST program ...

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    Started by afterdream

  • IL

    Recently, I want to use IL in my program. But I really don't know what instructions that openplc support?

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    Started by afterdream

  • Variable retain function

    Hi Thiago, I know you indicated somewhere that the retain function has been disabled due to compatibility issues. You also explained how to...

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    Started by supremesports

  • Plc Open Editor

    Hi, what, everything ok? I'm doing a reading of the analog inputs of my controller to make the control from 4 to 20mA. Can you use the block or...

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    Started by Jean Júnio de Assis Pereira

  • How to add User-defined POUs

    question1: How to add the User-defined POUs, and which file I need to change? question2: If I add the new...

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    Started by afterdream

  • Using Webpage interface as Input value trought OpenPlc

    Hi, I have stumble into the feature in Codesys https://youtu.be/tdges9sFhH4?t=497 and i was wondering if anybody did a similar thing...

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    Started by fasavard

  • how to reset password and user name to default

    I have installed open plc runtime on my computer but when changing the username and password I have made an error. Now i cannot login. how do to...

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    Started by christopher

  • OpenPLC Editor on Mac OS X?

    Have seen some posts about it, but overall very complex and failed to get it working. Is there any outlook for the OpenPLC editor coming to the Mac...

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    Started by martin010

  • Controlling Function Input and Output

    Hi, I am quite new with the software so bear with me for the newbie question. I am trying to create my first function to use in a...

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    Started by fasavard

  • RTC Usage

    Hi, First of all, I'm new to this project and it looks VERY great and I'm looking into getting my personal home automation to be built around this...

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    Started by supremesports