• Problems running PLCOpenEditor on Fedora 23

    Hi, Im trying to get PLC open editor to work in Fedora 23. I have it installed, and think I have all the requirements for it to run. The editor...

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    Started by konehd

  • Conversion to Process Values

    Hi, Fairly new to OpenPLC / PLC languages, so please forgive ignorance… On a non-linear sensor I’d like to convert measured voltage levels...

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    Started by pbosscha

  • OpenPLC v1.2

    Hi I want to realize the input of button value from simulink and the output lamp will be sent to simulink. Could you please tell me how to set...

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    Started by LiZF

  • openPLC editor V1.3

    hello, I'm tried the new version of OpenPLC . first i needed to install "python-zeroconf" . Then when i create a new project, no...

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    Started by sergei

  • UniPi Ladder problem

    Hello, I am working with my UniPi board and I have a problem while running a simple program working with the analogical output. As you can...

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    Started by Yukkotete

  • Space between rungs

    Hi ! D oes anyone know a trick to add space between rungs, for example by modifying the xml file. For a long program it takes a long time to...

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    Started by madalin.todoran

  • Question

    Is a source code (in C language) available for open PLC editor software?

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    Started by omkar kachare

  • PLCopenEditor: variable-less contact results in the fade of LD components

    Hello, thiagoralves. Long time no see. It seems that a bug occurred while I was using PLCopenEditor v1.2 for Linux . If I use PLCopenEditor and...

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    Started by plclearner

  • OpenPLC Editor Failure

    New to this, Trying to install OpenPLC Editor on Raspberry Pi 3+, and getting this error on line 64: "/home/pi/Documents/PLCopen...

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    Started by esmall1894

  • It must be a tutorial how to use OpenPLC - Cannot even load a simple LD program

    Hi! I have some isses with OpenPLC - I cannot even create a simple ladder program. This is my LD program: I'm using %QX0.11 with the Ardiono Mega...

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    Started by heretic

  • Is there a better EDITOR?

    Hello! Is there a better editor with better compatibility and stability? I am using PLCOpen Editor v1.2 for linux and it is not stable. If I draw a...

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    Started by plclearner

  • PLCOpenEditor fails (syntax error in PLCOpenEditor.py)

    Dear Thiago: I'm trying to run PLCOpenEditor on Arch Linux. I've installed all its dependencies: python2 2.7.15-1 python2-wxpython3

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    Started by DanielH

  • Various issues

    Hi all Just started using the PLC OE, but am facing serious problems using it. 1. When saving a project, closing program and opening it again,...

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    Started by Stensig

  • PLCOpen Editor generating bad code

    Using PLCOpenEditor 1.2 for OpenPLC v2. I generated the following based on the oscillator example discussed here . Loading produces this...

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    Started by mbridges

  • Task ans Instance definition and purpose

    Hello Everyone, Congratulation to Thiago for all this hard and useful work he has done! I successfully run the "Hello World" example on...

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    Started by jean-jean

  • Problem with two function block

    Hi ! I have a problem with two function block which change values to same output variable. I tried different combinations but I still didn't...

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    Started by madalin.todoran

  • A bunch of project questions

    - Is PLCopen Editor a project by openPLC or by Beremiz? - live code view. I read that there where thoughts of having the IO polled via modbus and...

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    Started by uminded

  • OpenPLC on ubuntu14.04 trusty on a Chromebook

    hello! im new to ubuntu, i manage to install ubuntu on a chromebook following the steps but I cant get the editor working. following this page ...

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    Started by Marcoa

  • PiXtend program an analog output

    Hello there! I need to know how to program an analog output on my PiXtend v1.3. Is it possible to program a LED that goes slowly from a low light...

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    Started by Luca

  • PLCOpen Editor Bug

    Does anyone know if the generate program bug in PLCOpen Editor was fixed? I'm able to generate a program successfully once, but subsequent attempts...

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    Started by jbuening

  • Open PLC Editor

    Dear I'm Daus from Indonesia I'm so grateful. Open PLC is an amazing software. I have waited the open plc and cheap plc for studying the logic of...

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    Started by ainfirdaus

  • Help with sequencing

    Hello! I've managed to get OpenPLC working and I am now trying to create a simple program using ladder diagram. Could someone provide direction on...

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    Started by jbuening

  • Test Program doesn't work

    Hi. I have a little strange problem. I made the PLC project with Arduino and work just fine. I tried the HelloWorld example and it work just fine...

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    Started by diegohap

  • OpenPLC Manual

    A book is available, which can explain penplc and explain its library.like manual guide.

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    Started by Jay Patel

  • FBD how to start?

    Hello, great project! Thank you. I started with the "Hello" on a Raspi and made some changes to it. Now I would like to write in FBD. So...

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    Started by gecko

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