• ST and IL

    I want to use IL language,but when places the function and function block into the IL program, the code form is as the same of ST program ...

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    Started by afterdream

  • error when generating program for second time (linux, v1.2)

    When I generate the program code for the first time, everything works as expected. However, when I generate it a second time, it crashes 100% of the...

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    Started by mberntsen

  • Debian 9 errors

    Wondering if anyone has run into these issues. I am new to this software and recently followed the docs on the openplc website. Installed all...

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    Started by jl0311

  • debug

    hi, The plcopen editor now don't have debug function Now I really want to add, do you have some advice I can refer to?

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    Started by afterdream

  • UniPi Ladder problem

    Hello, I am working with my UniPi board and I have a problem while running a simple program working with the analogical output. As you can...

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    Started by Yukkotete

  • MCL support

    When Generating cia402 code, it can't pass compiling, and reported following errors: /root/test/build/cia402node_0_0_0.c:87:5: error: unknown type...

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    Started by enorm


    Hello Im new to programming and i want to know if i can change the output of a slave device ( Arduino ) from 7,8,12,13 to 4,5,6,7

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    Started by jakub555

  • Importing Data from Unity Pro?

    I noticed that when I opened a saved program to view the XML that it's structure was very similar to the XML structure used in Unity Pro, the...

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    Started by abishur

  • Can't read data via Modbus

    I'm having some issues get my HMI (ScadaBR) to read holding registers on the openPLC on the raspberry pi. I'm new to OpenPLC, and I just want to...

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    Started by Emerald

  • esp8266 adc

    hi, with respect to the analog input of esp8266, the data type you select for input% IW100 is int, but I do not know what values ​​this throws...

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    Started by Kenneth Marcano

  • Modbus registers limits

    Hi, It looks like I'm unable to use higher registers. I was trying to put read-only variables for master devices (devices that simply reads values...

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    Started by supremesports

  • Modbus functioncode 06

    When I tested the "slave device", I found that it only supports multi-point write (Modbus functioncode 16) and does not support...

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    Started by lioil

  • ST

    First, creat a program using ST language. Second,put funtion(like GT GE GL,etc) into the program,and generate a xxx.st file Third, place the ...

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    Started by afterdream

  • IL

    Recently, I want to use IL in my program. But I really don't know what instructions that openplc support?

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    Started by afterdream

  • Plc Open Editor

    Hi, what, everything ok? I'm doing a reading of the analog inputs of my controller to make the control from 4 to 20mA. Can you use the block or...

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    Started by Jean Júnio de Assis Pereira

  • Using Webpage interface as Input value trought OpenPlc

    Hi, I have stumble into the feature in Codesys https://youtu.be/tdges9sFhH4?t=497 and i was wondering if anybody did a similar thing...

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    Started by fasavard

  • how to reset password and user name to default

    I have installed open plc runtime on my computer but when changing the username and password I have made an error. Now i cannot login. how do to...

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    Started by christopher

  • Controlling Function Input and Output

    Hi, I am quite new with the software so bear with me for the newbie question. I am trying to create my first function to use in a...

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    Started by fasavard

  • RTC Usage

    Hi, First of all, I'm new to this project and it looks VERY great and I'm looking into getting my personal home automation to be built around this...

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    Started by supremesports

  • Detailed PLCOpen Editor Guide or Complex Examples

    I am wondering if there exists are user guide for PLCOpen Editor somewhere, or if not perhaps some additional examples other than the 'Hello World'...

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    Started by hxeaven

  • Generate Program Error

    After following steps from http://www.openplcproject.com/reference-your-first-project I'm running into an error when trying to generate the program...

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    Started by Adrian

  • Modbus TCP issues

    Hi, I have an issue with the Modbus TCP modules. They work properly as to communication. The problem I have is that whenever it loses communication...

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    Started by supremesports

  • How to set up the PID block on OpenPLC Editor?

    Hi, I tried to set up a PID block but I think I was unable to declare the variables properly. I'm attaching the screenshot. Could someone please...

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    Started by rodrigo_rolle

  • Problems running PLCOpenEditor on Fedora 23

    Hi, Im trying to get PLC open editor to work in Fedora 23. I have it installed, and think I have all the requirements for it to run. The editor...

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    Started by konehd

  • Conversion to Process Values

    Hi, Fairly new to OpenPLC / PLC languages, so please forgive ignorance… On a non-linear sensor I’d like to convert measured voltage levels...

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    Started by pbosscha