• OpenPLC Runtime doesn't start on windows 7

    Hi experts, I've installed the OpenPLC runtime 64bit on my PC incl. with the PLCOpen Editor (bundle). The Editor started - but the Runtime...

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    Started by schnebe

  • Running OpenPLC runtime in Arch Linux

    I've managed to install OpenPLC v3.1 runtime in Arch Linux, adapting install.sh to suit Arch Linux dependencies. See attached...

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    Started by DanielH

  • start openplc in fedora 27

    good evening everyone .. I would like to start openplc on linux fedora 27? thanks

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    Started by Lauriano

  • Finding all pages via website menus?

    Hi Guys, This is a really great project. Thanks so much. I am finding my way around the website ok and have projects up and running. I stumbled...

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    Started by skey

  • Problems with getting started on windows

    Hello from Latvia! First big thanks to You, Thiago, for making this project. I wanted to start using it, have installed cygwin64 terminal,...

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    Started by PatsEmiils

  • starting OPEN PLC PRoject

    HI, I am new to open plc. I have just downloaded cygwin and following the steps further. I found a problem in going ahead. Below mentioned...

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  • Communication from another PC

    I have a project running on my PC. With the MODBUS simulator, I can change values, but I can't connect from a different PC although both PC's are on...

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    Started by razm

  • MODBUS addressing

    I'm trying to run a simple project on my PC. How to I set MODBUS addresses to my variables?

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    Started by razm

  • Problem with TP TON TOF

    I try to make a Input(%IX0.5) and TOF timer and then output to a output coil(%QX0.2) and compile by MatIEC. The compile it was succeed ,but the...

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    Started by x3828643

  • DNP3

    Hello, I am new to all this. I have Modbus down master/slave talking etc. But if there any info on setting up DNP3? thanks.

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    Started by nOOb

  • Problems during using rawgit.com (SOFTPLC)

    i am new here and i follow the install instructions(softplc on windows) step by step. and i come to start cygwin and paste ' lynx -source ...

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    Started by Jin

  • Getting Started Info

    I'm wondering if there is any document that shows how to get started with how to model simulink and have it connect to OpenPLC (on a PC). Also, is...

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    Started by eightbitsandwich

  • Problem about Data Type "STRING"

    I tried to save string data into PLC memory, but the iec2c tool does not allow this. what should I do if I want to save the string in PLC memory? ...

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    Started by x3828643

  • How-to: OpenPLC on Windows Subsystem for Linux (OpenSuse)

    hello, there isn't anything special here: the toolchain works seamlessly. I've made OpenPLC up and running in WSL (opensuse) here is the link for...

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    Started by matten

  • windows softPLC Installation error

    /cygdrive/c/OpenPLC_v2-master $ ./build_win.sh Building OpenPLC environment: POUS.c POUS.h LOCATED_VARIABLES.h VARIABLES.csv Config0.c...

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    Started by Siva

  • Softplc to Communicate to 485 Device

    Hi i am new to this fantastic world of open source i have obtained a redundant Emerson CPC 810-3006 8 relay card that has one faulty relay output...

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    Started by theplcman

  • Walk through of Hello World

    Hi. I am very very new to all of this. I have successfully installed both the Open PLC server and the PLC Open Editor on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine....

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    Started by Kris

  • build failure

    The OpenPLC needs a driver to be able to control physical or virtual hardware. Please select the driver you would like to use: 1) Blank 5)...

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    Started by dougm52

  • Install Issue With Windows

    I was going through the start up tutorial to install OpenPLC with Cygwin. It looks like I got everything to compile but for some reason I cannot get...

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    Started by pischrs

  • OpenPLC on custom platform

    Hello, We would like to port OpenPLC to an embedded system with a PowerQUICC processor and Linux OS with real-time extensions. Is this possible? If...

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    Started by alecar63

  • [SOLVED] Error compiling OpenPLC with Modbus Driver on Linux Mint

    I managed to compile and use OpenPLC with an arduino communicating with the USB port. Now I'm trying to use OpenPLC and Arduino using the modbus TCP...

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    Started by Olorin

  • EtherCAT drivers

    Hullo, so in summary, what would it take to crossbreed OpenPLC with EtherCAT? Some background. Where I'm coming from we are using Beckhoff TwinCAT...

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    Started by r2k-in-the-vortex

  • UDP libraries

    Hello everybody, does anybody know, if it is possible to use SoftPLC for receiving/sending data via UDP on my Linux PC? Are there any libraries for...

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    Started by skrvoj

  • Error when installing SOFTPLC

    Hello, I am on Ubuntu 16 and When I am trying to install softPLC I get this weird error. Thanks in advance arun@oit:~/Downloads/OpenPLC_v2$ sudo...

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    Started by arunmag

  • How do I connect OpenPlc with Matlab Simulink

    Hi, Im currently working on a project where I need to connect the Open Plc to Matlab Simulink. Can you tell me if that can be possible or not? If...

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    Started by kvskrishna

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